Buzz's N-Scale profile
Like most model railroaders, I was first exposed to the hobby when I received a Lionel Lackawanna Trainmaster diesel set for Christmas,when I was 10 years old. I ran this set on a old ping-pong table for 6 or 7 years, when, (much to my later regret), I traded it for some hot-rod parts. Years later, (1969), I bought a Bachmann GP-40, some rolling stock, sectional track & other odds & ends at a fleamarket. I had some sort of an idea about a small portable layout that my kids could operate. I did complete that tiny 3'x3' layout & just in time for their Xmas !! ... (my son still has that layout) ... But, the seed was planted and over the next 20 + years I bought tons of N-Scale stuff from flea markets, estate sales, newspaper ads & private sales, .... (this was before eBay became a prime source).

N-Scale was just getting started on the West Coast during the early 70's, but it was a great time to get involved in the 'New' scale. I built my 1st real layout & also a couple of N-TRAK modules, (which I still have), during this period. I have fond memories of my dealing with Leon Elder, Jim Fitzgerald, (N-Trak), & Ben Davis,(among many others), during those formative collecting years. Meanwhile, my collection continued to grow & grow. By the time of my relocation to the midwest in the mid-80's, I was networking with Barry Wingard, Tom Brown, & Wick Brandon, my personal N-Scale inventory numbered over 6,500 pieces of rolling stock & 800+ locomotives - I was probably one of the top 50 collectors at that time.

 It was the late 80's when I started dealing with David Sootsman, & my great friend & fellow collector John Keedy. These individuals were among the mainstays of N-Scale collecting in those days, and were of great inspiration & support to me through the following years.

New responsibilities in the 90's saw a dramatic downsizing of my N-Scale collection, and much more interest in building & operating my layout. As fate would have it, a chance encounter with Rick Sester, ( MEMPHIS DIGITAL), in 2008 introduced me to the wonderful world of DCC. Rick's company distributes DIGITRAX products,among others. It was his inspiration & patience that
convinced me that DCC was the wave of the future .... the rest is history. ... Z/Z CONVERSIONS.