BJ's Studio Profile
     I had been interested in stained glass for several years, but never
seemed to have the chance to persue it beyond collecting books and
articles "for future reference at the right time" kind of thing. As fate
would have it, my window of opportunity opened when, during a
major renovation of our kitchen in the late '80's, the plans called for a
number of expensive stained glass cabinet doors. Needless to say,
when the cost estimates came in, I decided it was time to get serious,
so I took the plunge & enrolled in a extended series of formal stained
glass classes under the professional guidance of Jim & Linda Moffitt,
Robin Wilkerson, and other advanced instructors networked with the
'TOUCH OF GLASS' studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

     My artistic & practical stained glass talents have evolved in direct
proportion to the experience I have gained thru many progressively
more complicated & ambitious projects; including suncatchers, frog
items, various panels, boxes, lamps & of course, a number of cabinet
 door inserts ..... which originally started the whole thing !!!

     I have had my own stained glass studio/shop for a number of years
now, & I am constantly adding a variety of unique quality items, including
my beloved 'FROGGY' collectables. Please go ahead and browse thru
my gallery, and if you see something that you are interested in, feel
free to contact me about availability at my e-mail address .... and please
come back and visit often. BJ