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This 'B' unit features the newest Digitrax SoundFX, (SDN144PS), DCC/Sound
decoder with superior sound, performance & reliability. EDM 567 Prime-
Mover sounds are pre-loaded (refer to www.digitrax.com for specifications)
The KATO chassis & all other components, (speaker, enclosure, motor,
drive mechanism, trucks & couplers), are the same as the SUPER SOUND
units on page 25 ..... the only difference is the decoder, and the sound
quality produced; (which is about midway between MRC's 1658 drop-in
sound decoder & the high-end Micro-Tsunami hard-wired decoder.
     The other DCC functions: throttle control, low-end creep, back EMF,
transponding, etc., are excellent.
NOTE: design has 4-axle power pickup & only the rear truck is powered.
ITEM: OS505 $ 165.00 + 4.95 shipping ... Silver trucks & tank-add $8.00
This UNPOWERED KATO chassis is configured
to be used as a 'A' or 'B' SOUND-ONLY unit, and
features a Digitrax SFX004 "Soundbug" Decoder,
pre-loaded with EDM 567 Prime-Mover Sounds.
    The 8-bit 1w decoder is coupled with a Hi-
fidelity QSI/TDS .55" x .95" oval speaker mounted
in a .312" tall baffled enclosure.
As indicated, this chassis is a "DUMMY" unit, & is intended to be part
of a 'A-B', 'A-B-A', 'A-B-B-A' multi-lashup, but can be a stand-alone
unit since it has its own DCC address, ( factory default 03). Power is
picked up thru all 4 axles, and a 'Keep Alive' 330uF capacitor provides
uninterupted crisp & clear sound comparatively close to the SUPER
SOUND achieved in the SS501 chassis, (page 25).
ITEM: OS510 $ 122.00 + 4.95 shipping (indicate silver or black trucks)
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